What We Do

If you have lost a member of your family, we hope you’ll become part of our interfaith peer group grief support program. The Bradley Center for Grieving Children and Families provides support for children, teens, young adults and their families following a death through peer support groups, training and education. Peer support is based on the understanding that both children and adults are more apt to share their pain and work through their grief in the company of peers who have also experienced a loss and are grieving too.

Staff and trained volunteer facilitators oversee age-based peer group support; where participants can share emotions on their own developmental level — not only verbally (mostly adults and teens), but through play, art, storytelling, music and other media — as they move through the grief process. The center incorporates an interfaith component, encouraging participants to use their own faith as a valuable resource for hope and healing.

Please call us at (801) 302-0220 for more information or choose Grief Support in the menu above to send us an email so we can contact you.

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