The Craig Taylor Scholarship Fund

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The Bradley Center does not want the program fee to prohibit anyone from attending our peer support groups. Therefore the Center will be offering full or partial scholarships upon request, based on the following criteria, as adequate funding is available.

Funding is provided in the name of Craig Taylor, the former CEO of Coca Cola, who was killed in a plane crash in 1996. His wife, Janice, is our current board chairman. She and her children are volunteer facilitators at The Bradley Center.

  • Fees:
  • The Center will award both full- and partial-fee scholarships as funding is available.

  • Eligibility:
  • Any family is eligible to apply for a scholarship if an economic barrier could prevent the family from participating at The Bradley Center.

  • Demonstrate Financial Need:
    • Financial need will be the only determinant in receiving a scholarship.
    • The family’s written statement of circumstances will be the most weighted determinant for evaluating need for scholarships.
    • In order to assess financial need, the following will be taken into consideration in awarding the scholarship:
      • Current family income in relationship to the number of family members living in the household
      • Current Job Status
      • Living Arrangements: Rent or own residence?
      • Special Circumstances: include a compelling written statement of circumstances
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