We are located in the American Heritage School. For more information regarding the school please visit their website here. American Heritage of South Jordan 11100 S. Redwood Road South Jordan, Utah 84095

Volunteer Corner 

Are you interested in volunteering at The Bradley Center? Click on the button below. We are constantly looking for dedicated people. More Info on Volunteering Volunteers Login and Special Information Login Register

Grief Awareness 

The Bradley Center supports National Children’s Grief Awareness Day on Thursday, November 21, 2013. Wear the color blue to show your support for the children that grieve in our community.

Ways to Donate 

Donate Your Vehicle– Need an easy tax deduction? Donate your old car or truck to The Bradley Center by calling Car Sold For Cash at 801-895-4203, or visit their website here You can also donate to The Bradley Center just by shopping at Smith’s, and you keep your own rewards points in the process! Go […]

Testimonial ELEVEN 

“We are so grateful to be back in session. We came on Monday night and, as usual, left with things to talk about with my children concerning grief that we probably won’t do otherwise. It is great to ask about their night and let them tell us (or not tell us) what they talked about with […]

Testimonial TEN 

“I have only attended once, but my daughter (12) went in feeling nothing but negative thoughts about being there. She came out loving it.”

Testimonial NINE 

“I love everything about The Bradley Center. It has truly helped myself and my kids.”

Testimonial EIGHT 

“I love the concept of the center and it has helped my family tremendously. I would like to see the groups held for like 30 minutes longer. Sometimes I think it takes a minute for things to get going, so a little extra time may help.”

Testimonial SEVEN 

“I like being able to talk to a group of people that have been through what I have been through… I am not judged as a person for the way I feel. I also like that the children are being helped as well.”

Testimonial SIX 

“I like how you feel welcomed with open arms from everyone at The Bradley Center. I like to see my kids connect with other kids in the same situation. I see it makes my kids open up about their feelings.”