Ways to Donate

Donate Your Vehicle–

Need an easy tax deduction? Donate your old car or truck to The Bradley Center by calling Car Sold For Cash at 801-895-4203, or visit their website here

You can also donate to The Bradley Center just by shopping at Smith’s, and you keep your own rewards points in the process! Go to www.smithscommunityrewards.com, and click on the “Learn More” link under “Community Rewards.” You’ll be prompted to create account using your Smith’s Rewards card number. By doing so, a percentage of each purchase price is donated to The Bradley Center, and you keep your own rewards points too! Sign up today!

Love to shop at Amazon.com? You can donate to The Bradley Center by shopping online at smile.amazon.com. Simply click on the “Get started” box below to register. All of the merchandise is the same as on Amazon, and the prices are identical, but a small portion of your purchase price will be donated to The Bradley Center. After you register, you can continue to help by simply logging on to your account at smile.amazon.com each time you shop!

The Bradley Center For Grieving Children And Families
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